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Coconut Infused Sponge

Coconut Infused Sponge

SKU: 01-41062-001

Coconut Infused Sponge


Versatile shape comes with a flat head edge that allows you to presson foundation for heavier coverage, while the larger end hugs the contours.

  • Why Coconut?

    Coconut Benefit #1: Helps Hydration Coconut is made from medium
    chain fatty acids which help reduce dryness and allows your
    skin to retain moisture

    Coconut Benefit #2: Reduces redness  Coconut has a calming effect on skin and can help reduce temporary redness

    Coconut Benefit #3: Anti -oxidants Coconut on the face can help boost your nutrient factor on the skin and fight against environmental stressors that accelerate signs of

    Coconut Benefit #4: Improves absorption Coconut on the sponge helps product and creams absorb into the skin easily

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