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Argan Infused Sponge

Argan Infused Sponge

Argan infused Sponge.


Versatile shape comes with a flat head edge that allows you to presson foundation for heavier coverage, while the larger end hugs the contours.

  • Why Argan?

    Argan Benefit #1: Regulates oily Skin Argan regulates sebum production so your skin is hydrated and wont overproduces natural oils

    Argan Benefit #2: Prevents clogged pores Argan reduces breakouts by reducing sebum production to prevent clogged pores

    Argan Benefit #3: Ultra absorbing Argan helps product and creams
    absorb into your skin with its ultra absorbing and exfoliating properties

    Argan Benefit #4: Minimises sun spots Argan includes vitamin E that
    can help to fade sun spots resulting in glowing skin

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