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Collagen Infused Sponge

Collagen Infused Sponge

Pointed edge accesses hard to reach places with
precision and ease, while the larger rounded end hugs
the contours of your face, leaving your make up virtually undetectable

  • Why Collagen?

    Collagen Benefit #1: Plump, Supple Skin That Bounces Back
    Our faces are pulling different expressions - be it smiling,
    frowning or even pouting! This can cause lines. Collagen helps to
    restore the suppleness in the skin smoothing out lines

    Collagen Benefit #2: Deals With Dryness As far as skin types go, it’s common for many of us to fall on the drier side of the spectrum. Those harsh winter months really don’t do our skin any
    favours - Collagen helps to substitute dry, dehydrated skin for dewy, plump skin.

    Collagen Benefit #3: Puts The Snooze On Tired, Hollow Eyes
    Even if you’ve had a solid eight hours sleep, sunken, hollow or puffy eyes can persist – making you look tired and run down. Collagen helps to repair these signs of tired, sunken eyes.

    Collagen Benefit #4: Say Hello To A Gorgeous Glow Who doesn’t love a fresh, radiant, bright and healthycomplexion? Collagen can
    rectify this by providing elasticity to the skin, giving you
    the glow of someone who’s just returned from holiday or is in
    the first throes of love!

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